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DefineLearning is an AKSystems Initiative to bring together learners and teachers from around the globe to interact with each other, share their knowledge and collaborate in real time environment. It is a complete product which enables learners or knowledge seekers to choose a subject which they want to learn and select the teacher and courses best suited with their needs and meet online to interact and learn. It brings together all the components like administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, analysis and scheduling and provides a common e-learning experience to all users at all levels. It’s a cost effective solution and readily available to users at their ease.

Path to DefineLearning

E-Learning Industry is the fastest growing industry in the market. It is expected to reach $107 billion by end of 2015. Corporations are continuing to adopt e-learning programs, currently at a rate of 13% per year (a pace that is projected to stay consistent through 2017). Now a days, learning and gaining knowledge is the need of all the global organizations. Every industry is moving towards the path of overall development of its employees. Even the students around the globe are inclined towards learning various technologies .The growth of this industry and the continuing demands from the corporations and global institutions paved the idea of DefineLearning.
We decided to develop a platform which can cater to the learning needs of all the corporate and global institutions.